S.K.Polymer Co., Ltd.

is one of Thailand’s leading molded rubber parts manufacturers. We started as a small entrepreneurial company in 1991. At the present we have about 400 people working together to deliver quality rubber and plastic components for automotive, electrical appliance, electronic equipment, pharmaceutical and other industries.
On our path, we strongly believe in Total Quality Management (TQM) which has been implemented for more than 10 years. We receive world-wide customers’ trust in our service across various industries, and are grateful for a number of supplier awards. Combining family business atmosphere with disciplined new bloods, our organization evolves to be modern in readiness for changes.
Our Vision
“We are a World-Class Innovative organization dedicated to creating values for mankind through polymer products.”
Our Mission (Year 2012-2016)
1. Expand customer base into new industries and new geographical area for business stability.
2. Design and develop innovative and high value products with own patents.
3. Manufacture as an OEM subcontractor to gain customer's confidence as their first choice.
4. Upgrade company's Human Resource Department to enhance employees’ managerial and
    leadership competencies as well as employees' happiness, carrier path and job security.
5. Create social activities to pay back to the society and to become community's beloved
Our Culture
1. Never accept, produce or deliver bad quality products
2. Always save cost, work efficiently and improve productivity
3. Always be on time for appointments and deliveries
4. Think positively, do good, have high discipline and responsibility
Why S.K. Polymer?
>> Reliability
Our commitment to deliver not only quality products but also high responsive service in a timely manner results in a number of major customers who consistently select S.K. Polymer as their single source supplier. We always listen to the voices of customers by fully implementing customer satisfaction management to sustain long-term relationship with all valued customers.
>> Workforce Capability
Our key strength is to have the in-house specialists mostly graduated in Polymer technology. Our team from operation to management consists of energetic people who are well-trained for the continuous improvement. As our management strongly believes that human resource is the core competency that will drive our organization to achieve our goals, we highly invest in employees’ learning and training activities comparing to our competitors in the same size.
>> Sustainability
In the highly competitive world, we focus in resource utilization and continuous improvement in system and technology particularly in mold design, formulation research and process design. In addition, we use our lesson in material and labor costs to build our risk management while diversifying our market both in terms of sectors and geographical dimensions. These fundamental factors help us to maintain corporate’s profitability and sustainability.
>> Excellent Quality Systems and Standards
Our constant TQM implementation has assisted us in being awarded ISO 9002, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. We are also recognized as the first Thai rubber manufacturer under the UL directory listing. To ensure the safety of end products users, we are REACH and RoHS compliant and certified by Underwriter Laboratories (U.S.A) for our flame retardant products. Our food grade products have been approved by leading institutes such as Japan Recreation and Miscellaneous Goods Safety Laboratory (Japan), Pollock and Pool (N) Limited (England) and the Ministry of Public Health (Thailand).
Certificates :
ISO 9001:2008
ISO/TS 16949
Registered Capital :
70,000,000 Baht
Number of Employees :
166 Soi Thiantalay 20, Bangkhunthian-Chytalay Rd., Samaedum,Bangkhunthian,
Bangkok 10150, Thailand
Location2 :
9/7 Moo 5, Leabklongsivapasawat Rd., Klokkabeu, Muang, Samutsakorn 74000, Thailand
Core business :
Rubber molded parts and plastic injection parts
Area :
7,962 Square meters
Mixing Capacity :
4,000 tons/year
Overseas Markets :

Production Resources and Facilities:

Process Machine Name Machine Size Numbers of Machine
  Rheometer ( ODR ) - 1
  Moony viscosity - 1
  Universal Testing - 1
  Oven - 3
  Hardness Tester - 2
  Specific Gravity Tester - 1
  Compression Set Tester - 1
  Internal Mixer 3 Litres 1
  2-Roll Mill 6" 2
  Banbury 75 Litres 1
  Kneader 75 Litres 1
  Kneader 35 Litres 1
  2-Roll Mill 18” 2
  2-Roll Mill 16” 1
  2-Roll Mill 14” 1
  2-Roll Mill 12” 1
Rubber Molding
  Compression Machine 50 - 400 tons 16
Plastic Injection
  Compression & Vacuum Machine 100 - 500 tons 45
  Injection Machine 200 - 300 tons 18
  Plastic Injection Machine 160 tons 1+
  Total 79
  Square Ring Slitting Machine - 5
  De flashing Machine - 2

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