Electrical appliance manufacturers are among the first groups we have been supporting. At present, most of the world’s leading electrical appliance brands are our customers. Our rubber and plastic parts are in the air-conditioner & condensing units, compressors, motors, laundry appliances, water pumps and other appliances for various functional purposes including anti-vibration, pressure controlling, sealing, cushioning and more.
Each product needs its own formulation design and process for its highest production efficiency. Self-quality inspection in all steps ensures the delivery of quality products. Last but most importantly, we constantly improve to offer world-wide customers with the competitive prices.
As automotive industry is considerably driving Thailand’s manufacturing growth, we are proud to be in the supporting industries that enhance the country’s automotive competency. Our operation is certified under ISO/TS 16949, and we are continuously improving our supply chain towards Just In Time operation to match the industry’s rapid growth.
Our rubber parts are the components in different systems including brake & clutch system, suspension system, conditioning & engine cooling system and battery. We also supply rubber parts for motorcycles such as footrests and hands. Our VA/VE team is keen on the cost down projects which increase our customers’ saving. Our specialized R&D in formulation and tooling are our strength to deliver quality parts not only pure rubber products, but also bonded parts with metal or adhesive tapes.
Electronic equipment industry has been our specialty since the establishment. Our rubber parts are both internal and external components of the cameras. We are also the first Thai manufacturer who produces a critical rubber part (ink cap) for printers. Now our products are internal and external components of different well-known printers. We provide parts for massage machines and hair dryers which are sold in different parts of the world. We have received customer's trust in the safety of the consumers' products.
Moreover, we support communication devices which require high precision and space-saving design. Our rubber parts are deliberately made not only to meet industry’s high requirements, but also developed from collaborative projects of the company and our customers.
Our pharmaceutical plant is designated in a positive control room to ensure the cleanliness and minimize any chance of contamination. Pharmaceutical-Grade Products such as rubber stopper/closure of the blood tubes are safe for a direct contact with blood and human medicine. Our products passing Medical-Grade are the assembly parts in different medical products including infusion sets, vacuum blood collection tubes, etc. Food-Grade products are safe for the use in contact with food and drinks. These products include droppers, nipples, rubber seals, silicone lips, etc. Our kitchen & Household products are deliberately designed for better life, comfort and safety. The applications range from construction silicone plate, coasters, hot plates, bathroom rubber mats, etc.
To increase our competitiveness in this industry, we are moving our pharmaceutical plant to a new clean room which is superior to the current control room. In addition, we are planning to get ISO 13845 certification which shall help us to achieve best quality for pharmaceutical products.
The idea of creating our own brand arose from various reasons. As Thailand is the world’s number one natural rubber exporter, we have our main material in the country. We have strong research and development team of our own, guaranteed as the first UL approved rubber part manufacturer in Thailand.We have great networks with different universities and institutes from which numerous researches have been successfully done. We have high experience in rubber technology and production. Last but most importantly, our products are developed from great collaborations from the customers especially in sharing needs and testing.For all reasons, we are more than ready to be the first Thai manufacturer to start a brand of our own, SKP.
SKP brand aim to support our customers with our own formulation and design parts deliberately made from the aforementioned best resources. Theycurrent sectors we are supplying include: food industry, Textile industry, fishery, sports, construction & transportation and water supply & Piping system. Now SKP brand is on track to the goal, “Think of Rubber , Think of SKP”
If we consider carefully, polymer hasbeen vital for human safety and welfare for a long time. Apart from the industries above, we also support rubber and plastic parts to Bathroom & Sanitary Equipment, toys and more. We are here in the value chain to transform natural and synthetic rubber and plastic to be of use, at best attempt and efficiency. The important point is that we know how to create rubber and plastic parts with the goal “best in its application” regardless of which industry it belongs to.
So, we will not stop to create values to more industries as we grow. We hope you will be our inspiration to supply the world’s demand, and also create a demand for the world.

Rubber Part Thailand